A founder's dream team.

Since 2007 our founders club members have built 128 unicorns. In 2020 the very best joined forces to create a new kind of venture fund. Together we back and actively support the world's elite Israeli founders building their next big company. We are the TechAviv Founder Partners.

TechAviv Founder PartnersEST. 2020

Our Experience. Your Advantage.

The billion-dollar companies we founded:

The Founder Partners

We're 150 founders, executives, and investors spanning 6 continents and 28 sectors of expertise. We are all investors in our fund and committed to helping our portfolio founders succeed.

Founders helping founders.

All great companies have one thing in common; great founders. The best learn from and help one another. Our origins as a founders club set the foundation of our ethos and guides our daily work as a fund. We strive to be the most aligned, value-add partner to our portfolio founders, from ideation to forever. This is a lifelong brother and sisterhood and why we share not only our collective knowledge and networks, but also our fund's profits with our founders. We're not a traditional fund, we're a global network backed and powered by some of the world's most prolific and supportive company builders.






Jobs Created


Value Created

We back and serve extraordinary founders building for massive, enduring impact.

On the shoulders of giants.

Senior executives from two dozen global tech giants are investors in our fund, helping our portfolio founders scale-up like the pros.

The world's best investors, invest in us.

Top-tier global funds and VCs are investors in our fund, extending our reach and support network exponentially.

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