What It's All About

From our origins as a founders club in 2007 to our daily work as a fund, serving founders is at the heart of our ethos. It's in our name. We partner with founders and strive to be their most aligned, value-add extended team. To us that means providing their first checks, working together over the long run to help them achieve their biggest aspirations and sharing in our fund's profits. We're all co-owners of our fund, including our portfolio founders.

TechAviv Founder Partners is not a traditional fund. We're a network. 150 founders, executives and investors have joined forces globally to scout, back and actively support top Israeli founders building their next big company. Our mission is to help build more enduring companies that matter. We're currently investing out of our $50M inaugural fund, making pre-seed and seed investments between $500K-$3M.

Money is the least valuable asset we bring to the table.


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TechAviv Founder PartnersEST. 2020

A Global Collective

Our founder partner network spans 24 cities across the US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, Australia and the Middle East. We've founded and scaled some of the world's most successful multinational companies and know that it takes a global village with strong local partners to make that a reality. The world is getting smaller. Dream bigger. We've got you covered.

Network Intelligence. At Your Service.

The founder partners include 33 unicorn founders, industry leaders across 28 sectors and top tier investors. We are all investors in our fund and collectively help our portfolio founders succeed.

How We Help

As a collective we offer our portfolio founders differentiated domain knowledge, extensive global access and reach, and decades of hands-on experience launching and scaling some of the world’s most iconic companies. We're in this together. Our portfolio founders receive:

Access to all of us.
Active fundraising support.
Warm intros to our customer, talent and investor networks.
Strategic and tactical advisory.
Global PR and social media boosts.
Profit sharing (carry) in our fund.

We Invest In: Founders.

In early-stage investing there is only one constant; founders. Most everything else invariably changes. Great founders posses the rare combination of exceptional intellect, tenacity, humility and agility needed to figure it all out. Win or lose, they only get better. We back and support the very best at a stage in their entrepreneurial journeys where nothing less than legacy will do.

Looking Forward. Giving Back.

We not only share our fund profits with our portfolio founders, we're also very proud to share them with two remarkable non-profit organizations, E4E and Shanti House, that are providing unique care, education and equal opportunities for children at the forgotten edges of Israel’s social and geographic periphery. We make these donations via Tmura.org, the Israeli Public Service Venture Fund.