DevOps, Application Composition Automation

Slim.AI is a SaaS platform company that enables software developers to create, build, deploy, and run containerized cloud-native apps with zero friction, complexity, and waste.  Slim’s solutions automatically optimize the composition and construction of containerized applications, improve build and deploy cycles, and provide deep insight into application behavior and performance. With Slim, developers can gain control over containerized app size, performance, cost, security, and deployment times without specialized knowledge. Developers can focus on writing great code, maintain high velocity, and easily “build, run and own” their apps with low overhead and DevOps burden. Slim does for apps what Hashicorp does for infrastructure. Their popular open-source utility DockerSlim is used by 10's of thousands of developers worldwide and has received 10K+ GitHub stars.

In The News

Slim.AI lands $31M to make container security ‘easy’ for developers