Our Network. Your Team.

We imagined a global dream-team of top founders, operators, and investors that we would want in our corner if we were starting our next companies. Then we assembled it, for you. We are all investors in, and co-owners of our fund. We're all committed to helping our portfolio founders with whatever they need to succeed. We are the Founder Partners. Meet your team.

TechAviv Founder PartnersEST. 2020

Yaron Samid

Founder & Managing Partner

Leading our fund and activating our global Founder Partner network is serial entrepreneur and TechAviv founder, Yaron Samid. Yaron founded the TechAviv Founders Club in 2007 to harness the collective knowledge and networks of company builders to help each other build better companies. Since then he's built and sold three of his own.

The Founder Partners

We're 150 founders, executives, and investors spanning 6 continents and 28 sectors of expertise. We are all investors in our fund and collectively committed to helping our portfolio founders succeed.


Extending the global reach and breadth of knowledge we provide our portfolio founders are world-class domain experts from academia and industry.